Homemade Projects

How To Make Beam Compass || Homemade Compass Tool

Beam compass is a compass with a beam and sliding sockets for drawing or dividing of circles larger than those made by a regular pair of compasses. A beam compass is used to scribe a circle of large size, either by drawing with lead or scratching with a sharpened point of compass.

 Suthar Sandeep  3K  November 6, 2017

Homemade Projects

How To Make A Wooden Drill Press Vice || Homemade Drill Press Vice

A drill press vice is a clamping device that is designed to be used in conjunction with a drill press. It is used to clamp and position the workpiece during drilling operation. This wooden vice is simple, easy and quick to make.

 Suthar Sandeep  7K  November 5, 2017

Homemade Projects

How To Make A Saw Blade Sharpening Machine || Homemade Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

The saw blade sharpening machine is used to grinding and sharpening of carbide saw blades. There are many types of sharpening machine is available in the market, but cost of this types of machine is very high. So I decided to make a saw blade sharpening machine for my own.

 Suthar Sandeep  5K  November 5, 2017

Tools Review

Top 5 Best Angle Grinder Machine || 5 Best Angle Grinder Machine Review

1. DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2” Angle grinder 2. MAKITA 9553B 4” Angle grinder 3. HITACHI PDA 100M (4”) Angle grinder 4. BOSCH AG50-11VSPD 5” Angle grinder 5. PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 4-1/2” Angle grinder

 Suthar Sandeep  1K  November 4, 2017

Tips And Tricks

How To Make A Wooden Clamp || DIY Wooden Vice Clamp

A clamp is a fastening device used to hold the objects tightly together to prevent any movement through the application of inward pressure on the objects. This wooden clamp is operated by screw and spring. The design of this clamp is simple and it is easy to make also easy to operate.

 Suthar Sandeep  4K  November 4, 2017

Tips And Tricks

How To Cut Perfect circle Jig By Jigsaw Machine || Jigsaw Trick/Hack..

Jigsaw machine is very useful power tool. Use of right blade, little experience and confidence and most important - right body position, you can do anything with jigsaw machine. Here I will show you that how to cut perfect circle jig by jigsaw machine

 Suthar Sandeep  6K  November 3, 2017

Homemade Projects

3 Homemade Ideas About Making Tools || Homemade DIY Tools

These 3 homemade DIY tools ideas is very easy to make and has a wide range of use. The first idea of a DIY tools is making a chain spanner. The second idea is making a tape handle and the third idea is making a allen key bolt keychain.

 Suthar Sandeep  6K  November 3, 2017

Homemade Projects

How To Make Drill Press Stand || DIY Drill Press Stand

A drill press stand for hand drill is useful when you have to carry out work with your power tool and it can help you do more and enhance the level of productivity. So i decided to make drill press stand for my own use.

 Suthar Sandeep  12K  November 2, 2017
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