About Us

Mistry MakeTool

Hello friends welcome to Mistry MakeTool, where you can learn about homemade projects of wood working and metal working, homemade tools and power tools. We also have our YouTube channel named MistryMakeTool. We make different types of homemade projects related to hand tools and power tools and share idea and information related to projects so you can learn about that how to make this types of projects.


Use of power tools has increased a lot in recent days. From Mistry MakeTool you can also learn about hand tools and power tools hacks. We will show you different types of use, tricks/tips, review of hand tools and power tools. We made different types of projects such as Angle grinder stand, Drill press stand, Sander machine, Table saw machine, Jigsaw table machine and other tools related projects.


Mistry MakeTools is helpful for all those people who interested in wood working, homemade project and also who used hand tools and power tools in their work. Contact us for any business inquiry and advertisement.