Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks

How To Make A Magnetic Square || Multi-Angle Magnetic Welding Holder

The multi-angle magnetic welding clamps ensure that the items that require welding remain in position, greatly easing and improving the welding job.

 Suthar Sandeep  1K  December 20, 2019

Tips And Tricks

5 Woodworking Tricks/Tips

For perfectly bore a perpendicular hole, you need either a drill press stand or a couple of scraps of wood screwed together.

 Suthar Sandeep  2K  February 20, 2019

Tips And Tricks

5 Workshop Ideas For Easy Work

Magnetic broom is used to pick up the nails and screws and other metal parts from the dusty shop floor. Magnetic broom is picked them up in seconds without any kind of dust.

 Suthar Sandeep  4K  September 1, 2018

Tips And Tricks

How To Make A Wooden Clamp || DIY Wooden Vice Clamp

A clamp is a fastening device used to hold the objects tightly together to prevent any movement through the application of inward pressure on the objects. This wooden clamp is operated by screw and spring. The design of this clamp is simple and it is easy to make also easy to operate.

 Suthar Sandeep  4K  November 4, 2017

Tips And Tricks

How To Cut Perfect circle Jig By Jigsaw Machine || Jigsaw Trick/Hack..

Jigsaw machine is very useful power tool. Use of right blade, little experience and confidence and most important - right body position, you can do anything with jigsaw machine. Here I will show you that how to cut perfect circle jig by jigsaw machine

 Suthar Sandeep  6K  November 3, 2017
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