Top 5 Angle Grinder Attachments

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From Banggood

1. Angle Grinder Stand Angle Grinder Bracket Holder Support for 100-125 Angle Grinder

It has some special features. It looks pretty with red and black colour. It’s a multi-purpose machine which can do multi angle adjustable cutting. Its protective cover design is very safe and reliable. It is very useful stand used with angle grinder.

Specifications: -

Material- Base cast iron

Applicable models- 100-125 angle grinder

Maximum clamping width- 80mm

Adjustable angle-  45 degree

Cutting depth- 30mm

Size- 24 x 19 x 27 cm

Included Components- A angle grinder stand


2. Drillpro 4th 11.5 Inch Chainsaw Bracket Change 100 Angle Grinder into Chain saw Woodworking Tools

It has better features than 3rd chainsaw. It fits 100 angle grinder. This chainsaw’s input power depends on your 100 angle grinder which means it is not certain. It has thickened plastic handle which is very helpful to carry it. It also provides you safety sawing. It also improves the efficiency of your work. This chainsaw has automatic refuelling bottle which can let you free from extra bottle. It is also semi-professional chainsaw.

Its upgrade features are here- 1. It has a thicken protective guard which can protect the chain and also has automatic refuelling bottle which get you free from extra bottle, 2. It has turning button which can loose and tighten the chain without extra screwdriver, 3. Its aluminium bracket is 9cm which is bigger than 3rd chainsaw. Thus it is better one than 3rd chainsaw.

Specifications: -

Chain teeth- 22

Guide material- Spring steel

Chain material- High carbon steel

Connecting rod size- M18

Suitable grinder- 100 grinder

Chain circle length- about 82cm

Input power- 1100W (max)

Wood cutting depth- about 26cm

Overall length- about 39cm

Handle height- about 19cm

Included Components- A chainsaw bracket set


3. DIY Sander Sanding Belt Adapter for 100mm 4 Inch Electric Angle Grinder

It converts your angle grinder to belt sander in a minute. Its ergonomic design and grip is perfect for control your angle grinder. This DIY sander sanding belt adapter features 6 levels variable speed control. It has a slide switch with lock on. It has lightweight aluminium body. It features exchangeable working heads with functions of sander and grinder. You can easily install belts with it.

Specifications: -

Input power- 800W (max)

Adaptor- M10

Belt size- 15mm x 452mm

Suitable- For 4 inch (100mm) electric angle grinder with M10 thread spindle 

Included components- 3 working arm, a sanding belt, an adapter, a sanding belt head, a metal bar cover, a wrench, a dust removing pipe, a screw


4. 110V Stainless Steel Tube Polisher Sander Grinder 10 Sanding Belt Grinding Polishing Machine

It has some special functions which make your angle grinder attachment best.  You can use it for surface treatment. It is workable in tube, pipe, cambered surface (maximum diameter of 180mm). You can remove rust with it. It is also helpful in polishing wire drawing. It is perfect home DIY and very useful for grinding and polishing.

Specifications: -

No load speed- 900-2800 r/min

Voltage- 110V

Power- 800W

Max diameter- 180mm

Belt speed- 2.7-8.5 m/s

Sanding belt size- 760 x 40 mm

Max working angle- 270 degrees

Weight- 5 kg

Included Components- A belt sanders, 10 belt, an English manual


5. Angle Grinder Cutting Machine Holder Base with Cover/without cover

It has strong hardness and it is very durable. It is made of high quality of metal. It also has adjustable design. Its adjustable range is 2 to 3 cm which makes it more convenient to use. Also easy to install and remove it. It features protective cover which provides operation security.

Specifications: -

Material- Metal

Type- without cover & with cover

Base- 13.7 x 9 x 4.7 cm

Cover- 11.3 x 8.2 cm

Included Components- A angle grinder holder

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