Top 5 Drill Attachments

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1. MINIQ BG6117 Mini Electric Drill Bracket 90 Degrees Mini Electric Rotating Fixed Frame

It is one of the best drill attachment for your power drill. It is 90 degree rotable to drill slant hole. It features copper plug readjustment to confirm the precision and durable. It also features transparent pointer. It precise your drilling graduation and also has spacing function. It is very useful for small size drill.

Specifications: -

Model name- MINIQ BG6117

Base- Cast iron

Type- Iron bottom bracket 

Main rod- 25 x 400 mm

Size- 400 x 155 x 155 mm

Min-Max clamp- 38-43 mm

Trip- 60 mm (50 mm is the most suitable for long time working)

Included components- A drill bracket


2. Drillpro Adjustable Angle Drill Jig Holder Guide Stand Drill Positioning Bracket for Electric Drill

It is the best drill guide which can be used in different positions like horizontal, vertical. The angular position can rise to 45 degrees. Its rubber base pad holds the guide in place. It is the ideal attachment for your power drill. It precise your drilling work. You can easily hole sawing at given any situation- on the wall, overhead, on slants, in round work pieces, battens, and shaped sections. The drill adapter slides up and down the guide bar.


Material- Aluminium die casting

Holding diameter- 42.5 mm

Adjustable angle-  -45° to 0°, 0° to 45°

Total height- 290 mm

Width- 140 mm

Included components- A drill holder guide


3. Double Head YT-180A Wood Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Power Drill Attachment Holder Tool

It is most useful power drill attachment. It is useful in cutting or sawing metal sheet, metal rods and slices, plastic, fiberglass, woods. It is a must having tool for repairing, decoration and some same types of work. It is available in cutting and sawing any curve, straight, round, square, oval and any other irregular shapes. It is excellent in cutting and sawing without any interruption and also changeable in any cutting sawing direction within 360°. It is a portable tool with pretty colour.

Specifications: -

Material- Metal, plastic

Colour- Black, silver tone

Overall length- 210 mm

Cutter diameter- 50 mm

Metal cutting diameter- 25 mm

Wood saw diameter- 35 mm

Connecting shaft- 8 mm

Max cutting thickness- Steel plate: 1.2 mm, Stainless steel: 1 mm, Iron/copper: 5 mm (300 rpm or 0.05 m/min)

                                          Wood/plastic fibreboard/plexiglass/plywood: 5 mm (3000 rpm or 1 m/min)

Included components- A nibbler cutter


4. HILDA Electric Rivet Nut Gun Cordless Riveting Drill Adaptor Riveting Tool Insert Nut Tool

It has small size. You can carry it easily. It is more efficient in drilling work. It also produces lower noise. It is a horde of rivets function. Its pulling effect is very good which does not waste a rivet. It can complete drilling, pulling rivets and screwing for extended periods (depends on your drill). If you compare it with traditional riveter, you get some special features for drilling accuracy. Traditional electric rivet gun is very heavy, noisy and also damages easy. Thus this nut tool is best than other.

Specifications: -

Brand- HILDA

Nozzle size- 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, 4 mm, 4.8 mm

Working with power drill- ≥15 N-m

Included components- A rivet nut gun


5. HILDA Aluminium Alloy Multifunction Universal Rotary Bracket for Electric Grinder Drill Accessories

It is a light and convenient power drill accessory which is essential for families and small factories. It is most useful tool for DIY projects. You can easily operate it. It is applicable to the realization of electric drill, grinding etc. You can couple it with high power drill or grinder mill which can be used as a grinder, or together with the drill axis which can be used as a soft grinder. It is a universal support which rotates 360 degrees.

Specifications: -

Material- Aluminium alloy

Collet range- 38 mm

Colour- silver

Overall length- 275 mm

Function- Fixed, Bracket

Included components- A rotary bracket

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