5 Woodworking Tricks/Tips

 Suthar Sandeep  2163 View  February 20, 2019  Comments (1 )

No. 1:- Straight-up drill guide

For perfectly bore a perpendicular hole, you need either a drill press stand or a couple of scraps of wood screwed together. The corner created by the scraps woods will steer the bit straight every time. If you don’t have a drill press, then this trick is very useful to bore a perfectly perpendicular hole. But if you are looking for an excuse to buy a drill press, forget you ever saw this trick.


No. 2:- Instant sanding files

To make instant sanding files, I have used scrap woods and sanding paper. You can use rough or polish paper, as per your need. I have used one flat scrap wood and other half round scrap wood to make instant sanding files. The sanding paper is glued on this scrap woods.

Stick sand paper and pvc pipe with adhesive and you will be able to sand concave curves to perfection. You can use different diameters pipe as per your need.


No. 3:- Screw and soap

Soap makes a great lubricant for screws, nails, and saw blades. Stick nails or screws into a bar of soap before using. The soap will make them slide in easier and be less likely to split the wood, which is great for DIY projects that use thin piece of wood. You can also rub a bar of soap over a saw blade to help it slice through wood more easily. This is also has the side benefit of helping you cut straighter.


No. 4:- Sand paper and drill

Sanding the inside of a hole can be horribly aggravating, especially on a pocket hole that doesn’t go the whole way through the piece. You can try using a round file, but it’s hard to get consistent results, and a short range of motion really slow down progress. The solution is use a piece of sand paper, fold it in a round shape as shown in the image, and clamp this sand paper in the drill chuck just like any drill bit. Now use it in the hole for enlarge the hole.


No. 5:- Clamp a nail

When there is no room for a hammer, sink the nail with a C-clamp as shown in the image. This trick works for plumbing and electrical straps, junction boxes etc. 

Comments (1)

Ramesh Rawat,   Nagpur

My first visit to your site through one of the DIY video I saw on YT. Life is too too short for learning. Through your tips I am learning and hope to learn a lot. Thanks for these tips. Now at the age of 69 I am intending to set up a small hobby work shop/place at home. Have been doing quite a some DIY improvisation to my car and rarely used power tools. Now will make some for myself and for my local carpenters. Speed is increasing but accuracy and precision are being neglected, is my feeling. Wish you best and sincerely thankful for information provided. Regards

RePly  September 11, 2019

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