2 In 1 Drill Press / Angle Grinder Stand || Homemade Project

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Introduction :-

A drill press stand for hand drill is useful when you have to carry out work with your power tool and it can help you do more and enhance the level of productivity. The hand drill machine is kept stable and secure and at a comfortable working height, and it help to focus on your task rather than holding the device in your hand all the time. It helps to carry out various tasks easily, such as angled or perpendicular drilling with your hand drill. Drill press stand provides a firm and stable foundation for you to drilling operation more accurately by hand drill machine.

Angle grinders are widely used in metal working and construction work, as well as woodworking. Angle grinder stand is useful for accurately cutting of metal and wood. They are commonly found in workshops, service garages and auto body repair shops. 

There are many types of drill press stands and angle grinder stands available in the market but I decided to make for my own. I make 2 in 1 angle grinder and drill press stand. This stand is useful for both cutting and drilling operations. Also space is saving using of this 2 in 1 stand.

Parts used :-

2 pcs. Plywood of 21”*10” for base (18mm thickness of plywood)

Wooden piece 2”*2” vertical pillar (20” height)

4 nos. sliding drawer channel (8” length)

2 pcs. Plywood of 4.5”*8” (18mm thickness)

2 pcs. Plywood of 3”*8” (18mm thickness)

2 pcs. 2” L-section channel for vertical pillar support (2.5” length)

3 Nos. ¼ half threaded bolts with nuts for pillar support (2.5” length)

4 Nos. 5/16 bolts with nuts for pillar support (1” length)

Wooden piece for drill support 5”*4.5” (thickness 1.25”)

2 Nos. 3/8 bolts with fly nuts for drill support (5.5” length)

2 pcs. 2” L-section channel for drill support wooden piece (0.75” length)

Plywood 3”*7.5” for angle grinder support

Wooden piece 2”*6” (1.25” thickness)

3” hinges

2 Nos. clamps for angle grinder fitting

2 Nos. springs (4” length)

3/8 half threaded bolt with nut for spring support (4.5” length)


How to make :-

First step is make a base for stand so, cut the Plywood of 21”*10” size for base (2 pieces) (18mm thickness of plywood). Attach both the plywood pieces by using of glue and screws.

Make a square slot on the plywood for vertical pillar support as shown in the image.

2”*2” vertical pillar (20” height) is attached with the base using of 2” L-section channel (2.5” length) and bolts as shown in the image. Dimension of the bolts are shown in the “parts used” section.

Attach Plywood of 4.5”*8” and 3”*8” (2-2 pieces) and vertical pillar with the 4 nos. sliding drawer channel (8” length). So, the stand moves properly in the vertical direction (up-down movement).

Attach drill support on one side of the stand. I have used Wooden piece 5”*4.5” size (thickness 1.25”), 2 Nos. 3/8 bolts with fly nuts (5.5” length) and 2” L-section channel (0.75” length) to make drill support of the stand as shown in the image.

Next step is to make angle grinder support. I have used Plywood of 3”*7.5”, wooden piece 2”*6” (1.25” thickness), 3” hinges, 2 Nos. clamps to make angle grinder support for the stand. Attach 2 nos. springs (4” length) on two sides of the stand.

2 in 1 angle grinder and drill press stand is now ready to use. This stand is useful for both cutting and drilling operations.

For better understanding, watch the video given below.

Comments (7)


I was not able to find the springs - went to a cycle shop and he sold me the cycle stand springs, just couldnt find them anywhere local. any suggestions?

RePly  February 23, 2020

Also I was not able to find the L section (2.5 or .75 inch) are these custom made?

 February 23, 2020
G. Kumar ,   Bengaluru 560 102

Very nice project. This tool is very useful It would have been very is to follow if you have written the measurements on wood and fly wood pieces the length, breadth and thickness on piece. Please update me on any newer projects of this type. Thank u.

RePly  February 21, 2020
Bhupendra Gupta ,   Mahipalpur new Delhi

Can u make it for me and what would be the price.

RePly  November 29, 2019
Baban Gaikwad,   Ppune

I have home made dirl and grinder project

RePly  September 27, 2019
Lê Thái Khanh,   tp.Biên Hòa, tỉnh Đồng Nai

Bạn giúp tôi mua 8 thanh trượt và các bu lông, ốc vít ở đâu. 02 cái máy tôi có rồi. Cảm ơn

RePly  September 18, 2019

RePly  August 1, 2019
Reginaldo,   Porto Alegre

RePly  July 25, 2019

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