Top 5 Best Electric Leaf Blowers

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1. Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower

This hitachi model leaf blowers are impressive machines. It’s loaded with excellent machinery and carefully crafted to create an impressive device that will put your leaf cleaning troubles aside and let you carry on with your day to day activities. The Hitachi RB24EAP model lead their class in numerous areas. It has an impressive air volume of 441 CFM and produces gusts of up to 170 mph! The engine is a 2-stroke commercial grade, meaning it’s built to last and provide outstanding power.

This is also fairly lightweight, making it a great choice for short duration cleaning projects. The machine does rely on gas, but its low emission engine means you’ll be able to work in peace knowing your leaf blaster will release minimal fumes during your task. The switch also has an auto-return feature, meaning you’ll always be able to conveniently have it in the ‘on’ position.

Pros :-

Up to 170 mph

441 cfm air volume

2 stroke commercial grade engine

Low emission

Fairly lightweight


2. WORX WG518E 2500 W Air Turbine Electric-Powered Leaf Blower

Throughout the WG518E, Worx has patented its latest Turbine Technology that offers an enhanced air movement.That’s why it can move a higher amount of leaves as fast as efficiently. You’ll get an air force of 120mph with 16.7m per minute output that enables it to get done many tasks in your garden

You can perform different jobs as the model comes with variable speed settings. It’s because this is a turbine blower that allows you keeping down and up the speeds according to your needs. Moreover, it has the technology of Dynamic Air-Flow that enables the unit to remove a big amount of leaves quickly.

So, at a glance, the WG518E of Worx is a versatile and powerful machine with a speed controller. You’ll get it with a higher amount of air volume that’s provided by the technology of turbine fan. As it has a lightweight design, you can use it using your one hand.

Also, it’s able to work on the tough conditions with the hyper-steam nozzle. As a result, we suggest it for you to complete the tasks from small to medium and large as well. Moreover, it’s suitable for some tougher jobs too.


Quiet and lightweight

Multifunctional design

Simple to use

Different power settings


Very short power cable


3. BLACK+DECKER 3000 W GW3050GB Blower

You can depend on this great leaf collecting tool, the GW3050-GB of BLACK+DECKER. It’s because it’s a leading brand and model in the market of the UK. Also, it’s well-known for household tools manufacturer and GW3050-GB is one of their high-graded tools to help you with gardening from this famous brand.

Since the unit comes with a pioneering metal fan, it boosts mulching capacity and airflow. To offer you a hassle-free leaf blowing as well as vacuuming, it makes sure a reduced noise level. Because of having an easy system of leaf collection, you can get rid of carrying a bag and making it emptied for times.

Besides, as it has a rake attachment to blow out the tough, wet, and heavy debris, you’ll love the device. Also, it allows you to set the right amount of power to complete the specific task with its variable-speed dialing system. Moreover, it’ll help you to give the proper shredding of your leaves because it has a 16:1 shredding ratio.

In addition, it’s good with its feature of speed dial that’s changeable and it allows you to set your required amount of power that needs for a specific job. So, if you like to get a nice piece of the tool with loads of features then the GW3050-GB is the one that you’re looking for.


Compact design

Powerful 300-watt engine

Requires a lower maintenance

Lightweight & convenient


Not added a large warranty


4. DEWALT Electric Leaf Blower DWBL700

Get the job done in a snap with this ever dependable leaf blower form dEwalt. It has a trigger for the variable speed and you can control the airflow by working with the settings. The round nozzle offers an air volume of 409 cfm, and we like how there are different nozzles to match the task to be done. When it comes to blowing away leaves and debris from various areas, there is a nozzle that you can use for more efficient output and result.

We have no doubt about the performance of this leaf blower from Dewalt. It definitely works well, although you may not find it very powerful when you are a professional landscaper. For that job, a petrol unit may be more efficient. But for smaller tasks, this unit will do.

Pros :-

Variable speed

Air volume of 409 cfm

Very efficient


5. VonHaus 3000W 3 in 1 Leaf Blower/Vacuum

As you know that VanHaus is a famous gardening tool brand, in the same way, it’s also a perfect device for efficient cleaning works. As it cleans leaf of your outdoors, likewise it vacuums and shreds leaf of your garden and lawn. These are possible as the unit comes with the joint power of a vacuum plus a blower and a shredder.

It allows you to blow and vacuum your garden easily because of having a powerful motor of 3000-watt capacity. Also, you’ll love the unit to use since it has a speed variation in between 800rpm to 1400rmp. Thus, you can choose an appropriate speed level that’s essential to accomplish a task.

As it has a rubber-made handle, it offers you comfort and improved operational control. This is why it achieves the best performances by absorbing all the possible vibration and makes things simple. Besides, like the most high-quality blower, you’ll get large of 45 liters collecting bag.

They also said on the review that it’s as strong as lightweight and very simple to operate. And it helps you to make cleaning leaves very easy that you’ll never feel bored while using this machine.


All parts are pre-installed

Affordable price

Long-standing efficiency

Time & cost-effective


Very short power cord

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