Best Garden Tools 2020 (Non-Powered) || Top Hand Tools For Garden 2020

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1. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Advantage Adjustable Bypass Secateurs:-

If you find your hands are too small for most secateurs, here’s a great pair bypass pruners that do the job admirably well. Exceedingly light and small in the hand, these Spear & Jacksons are well up to the task when it comes to snipping back that most annoying of garden plants, the vexatious thorny ninja.

Aside from the slim, easy-grip handles, this model is also equipped with two-stages of jaw width – 75mm for small delicate stems and 114mm for slim green branches. The combination of its SK5 steel blades and bypass cutting action, meanwhile, ensures green stems are cut with minimal bruising.

2.XJYAMUS Waterproof Garden Claw Gloves:-

This garden tool is gardening gloves with a twist. As well as working to protect your hands from thorns, mud and other damage in the garden these gardening gloves also have durable claws built in. These claws make it easy to dig into the ground and give you a better grip on your plants. These garden gloves are flexible and durable, offering you a great grip while protecting your hands.

This garden tool is waterproof and punctures resistant as it uses a natural latex covering. Also this garden tool is easy to clean and will prevent you from breaking your nails or damaging the skin. These gloves are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable for a range of different people.

3. Best Hand Rake: Black and Decker Steel Fan Rake BD1537:-

Users say the Black and Decker Steel Fan Rake is a great and perfect size for cleaning up spaces like tight flower beds or under dense bushes where regular rakes are just too large and cumbersome. This rake is compact at just 5 inches wide and easily squeaks under bushes and through tight garden rows.

With its flexible fan-shaped tines, the rake grabs a lot of debris but won’t damage vulnerable plants, reviewers say. They also love the molded comfort-grip handle, which they say lives up to its name and feels very good in the hand. The powder-coat finish is rust resistant, and Black and Decker backs the rake with a three-year warranty.

4. Fiskars Bypass Lopper:-


The Fiskars Bypass Lopperis a great and perfect garden tool for spaces with a lot of foliage. This is a sharp and smooth garden tool that can effortlessly cut through tree branches. This makes it easy to clear your space and keep everything tidy. This garden tool is comfortable to use as it has long and padded handles.

This garden tool has a fully-harden precise blade that stays sharp, making this a long-lasting investment. This lopper is low friction, which keeps is in good condition even with repeated use, and it has non-slip grips that make it secure when in use.This garden tool lopper is durable and has a smooth, sharp blade that can cut through branches effortlessly.

5. Attican Hori Hori Garden Knife:-


With this multi-purpose Japanese gardening hand tool, you can dig and scoop soil, as well as cut roots and vines. When you're not using it, keep it nice and secure in the accompanying leather holder.

What Reviewers Are Saying: "Long story short, get this. It's so well made that you'll be passing it on to your kids. It has a considerable heft to it, but that just speaks to its quality because it's not difficult to use at all."

6. Burgon & Ball Ladies’ Groundbreaker Spade:-

Measuring just 98cm in length, this elegant, lightweight stainless steel digger is just the ticket for anyone of shorter stature. That sharp pointed tip is absolutely perfect for excavating hard-packed earth with minimum effort while its wide Y-shaped FSC-certified hardwood handle ensures a good level of comfort in the rough. Having been tested to a breaking strain of 90kgs, it's as tough as a boot, too. 

The RHS-endorsed Groundbreaker’s mirror-polished stainless steel blade is 23.5cm in length and 18cm wide, so it’s of ample proportions to shift relatively large amounts of soil at a time. Given that it’s only a few centimetres longer than the Kent & Stowe model reviewed below, it’s also an equally excellent alternative for use in cramped spaces.

7. Wolf Garten Wide Trowel:-


It’s arguably the least sexiest tool in the shed, but when it comes to planting flowers, digging furrows, scooping soil and cleaning up dog mess, nothing does it better than the humble trowel. This colourful, easy-to-spot model from German manufacturer Wolf Garten is equipped with a plastic handle that won’t rot away 7cm wide metal blade with a sharpened edge for easier excavation. The handle, meanwhile, comes fitted with two rubber grip pads and a comfy flat top for pushing down with the palm.

We’re not sure what form of treated metal is used for the blade but the whole thing comes with a 10 year guarantee, and that’s pretty darn good for something that costs less than a tenner.

8. Fiskars 4-Claw Weeder:-

This is a stand-up weeder that can be used to permanently remove persistent plants and weeds from your garden. This is a great garden tool for a variety of different people as it prevents knee pain, back pain, and general discomfort when weeding and keeping your garden neat. This garden tool has stainless steel claws that grab to weeds and make them easy to pull out.

This garden tool has an offset hand control that prevents damage in the wrists when removing weeds. There is a viewing window in the pedal that allows you to see what you’re doing and be accurate in the garden.This garden tool is durable and perfect, allowing you to remove your weeds without damaging your body or garden.

9. The Ames Companies Forged Spading Fork:-

This spading fork is one of the most versatile garden hand tools that you can purchase. As it is durable and sturdy, this garden tool can be used for digging, turning, and freshening soil in gardens and flower beds. It is sturdy and sharp, so it can break up even the toughest dirt, clay, or compost.

This garden tool has four diamond-pointed steel tines that offer strength and durability. You do not have to worry about this garden tool bending or breaking when in use. As it is durable, this is a great value garden tool that will last you for years.This garden tool is durable and sturdy, ensuring that it can handle everything you throw at it in the garden.

10. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp fiberglass Handle Cutting Axe 7704FG:-

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of the humble axe. Aside from chopping branches and trunks too thick for secateurs or loppers to handle, having an axe to hand is great for cutting logs into smaller pieces for the fire pit or the indoor fire.

This 400g, 26cm model has a sharp tempered carbon steel blade and a shaft made from 30% fibreglass and 70% nylon. Where most wooden axes have a sleeved head that fits over a vertical wooden shaft that can become loose over time, detaching the blade in the process, this 15-inch model’s blade is housed in a horizontal nylon moulding that envelopes the head, preventing the blade section from flying off and causing a nasty injury.

The grippy, rubberised handle is another great safety feature that should theoretically prevent the axe from slipping out of the hand and chopping your foot off. It also comes with a plastic case for safe storage. This axe is also available in three larger variants, from 36cm to 81cm.


Buyer’s Guide To Garden Tools

Taking care of your beautiful garden can be such a difficult task, and it is something many people dread each year. When the winter has finally thawed away, your garden is desperate for some TLC, and that comes at a cost. Not only can gardening be quite expensive, but it can also be quite painful for your body. There is a lot of manual work that goes into keeping a garden neat and tidy so much, which is why many people struggle with this area.

The best garden tools are those that will make gardening feel easier and support you when you’re outside. Having good-quality and reliable garden tools on hand in the shed or garage is a great way to feel inspired about your beautiful garden again.  When you have tools to make the chores feel easier and more exciting, we can guarantee that gardening will no longer feel as difficult as it used to.

What To Look For In Garden Tools?

There are so many different kinds of garden hand tools available, and it can feel overwhelming. As a beginner, it may seem challenging to find out where to start. This is why it is so important that you consider what you actually need to find out what garden tools will benefit you the most. In order to find the best garden tools for your needs, you should consider:

What You Struggle With?

The best garden tools are those that will make the art of gardening feel easier and therefore, more enjoyable. In order to find the best garden tool for your needs, an excellent place to start is to consider what you struggle with the most. This should help you determine what you actually need to help you out.

After you have finished your work in the garden, this can be easily transformed into a padded seat. Garden tools like this one are designed to keep you comfortable and supported to make the chores feel easier. If you find that you struggle with digging or turning over soil in the garden, then you need a tool that makes this easier.

How to Store Garden Tools?

Once you have spent the time and money finding the best garden tools for your needs, you want to make sure you are taking proper care of them. Learning how to store your garden tools correctly will prevent them from getting damaged between uses.

Many people like to keep their garden tools close to hand when outdoors, which is why garden sheds are so popular. Having a small but secure garden shed can be a great place to store your garden tools. In a garden shed, you can organize your tools by hanging the larger items, like shades or trowels.

Keeping your garden tools upright ensures that they keep their shape, strength, and structure. You want to keep your garden tools in good quality for as long as possible so you can use them every season.

What Kind Of Garden You Have?

Garden tools only work in the garden, so it is very important that you consider what kind of space you are working with. By taking a look at your garden considering how big it is, how many plants you have, and what jobs regularly need doing, you can narrow down your options of garden tools.This is a very sharp garden tool that has been designed to cut through branches and other foliage to keep your garden clear. This is a garden tool that is not necessary for a space that does not have trees.

As they are handheld, this garden tool is best suited to precise and detailed work that is likely to occur in a smaller garden. However, the Gorilla Carts Heavy-duty garden cart is a heavy-duty garden tool that is used to transport heavy foliage, dirt, or other garden essentials around your space.

This is not essential when you only have a small garden or smaller areas to tend, and this kind of garden tool would be a waste of money for households like this. Considering what type of garden you have and what kind of work needs to be done is a great way to find the best garden tools for your needs.

How Much Effort Is Needed?

As we have said, gardening is a very strenuous activity that many people struggle with. Some people may enjoy getting their hands dirty, and in these cases, garden tools can be bought without much question. But if you are not sure about what garden tools you actually need and feel like you need some more motivation to get down and dirty, then you need additional help.

The best garden tools are those that make chores outside feel easier. For those who have not yet found their love for gardening, this is very important. Comfortable garden tools are a must for those who want their gardening chores to be as minimal effort as possible.

Likewise, the XJYAMUS Waterproof Garden Claw Gloves would be a great option for minimal effort gardening. Not only does this gardening tool protect your hands when your out in the dirt, but the silicone claws at the end of each finger provide you with grip and control. These are versatile gloves that can be used for a variety of different gardening chores.

How to Clean Garden Tools?

A great way to improve the life of your garden tools is learning how to clean them well. You want to make sure that your garden tools are always ready to use whenever you need them. Learning how to clean them properly can prevent them from getting damaged or becoming rusty. Depending on what kind of garden tool needs to be cleaned, what you need will differ, but most garden tools can be cleaned using soap and water.

Others may require specialist cleaners, oils, or other products to keep them in the best condition. In some cases, white vinegar can be used to remove rust and other damage from metalwork. Do not over-scrub your garden tools when cleaning them as this can damage the metalwork and may make them weak.

How to Sharpen Garden Tools?

When you continually use your garden hand tools, it is likely that they will become blunt and therefore not work as well. This does not mean they need to be replaced just yet – it is possible to sharpen your garden tools once more. You can purchase specialist products or tools that can be used on your garden tools to make them sharp again, but the best option is using a file.

This will differ depending on what tool needs to be sharpened, but in most cases, a professional-standard metal file can be used to bring your garden tools back to life. Always make sure that you are protecting your hands and eyes when trying to sharpen garden hand tools. Keep your sharp garden tools away from children and ensure that you are storing them properly. Many sharp tools can be covered so they will not cause any damage when in storage.

Did You Know?

Over time garden tools can become blunt, which will prevent them from working. This does not mean you need to replace them – you just need to sharpen them.

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