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We can make some generalizations to help new users understand cordless/electric chainsaws and their gas-engine counterparts, and which is a better fit. First, gas engine chainsaws are loud–about 105 decibels; a cordless chainsaw is about equal to a corded electric circular saw, at about 100 decibels. You need hearing protection for both tools, but there’s no comparison between the two. As to weight, cordless chainsaws are equal to or a couple of pounds heavier than their gas engine equivalent. A fueled 50-cc gas engine saw weighs 11 to 12 pounds with an 18-inch bar. Cordless chainsaws in this test weigh anywhere from 11 pounds to about 14.

The extra weight isn’t a deal breaker. Most of these saws cut smoothly and without vibration. For pruning, landscape maintenance, and light-duty trail maintenance, cordless chainsaws can hold their own against gas engine saws. For small jobs, a cordless chainsaw may even be faster than the gas engine equivalent, since you don't have to take the time to add fuel. Just push in a charged battery and go.

The equivalency discussion with gas-engine saws breaks down here: timber felling for lumber or firewood, storm and disaster cleanup, commercial tree removal. These jobs demand the speed and torque afforded by a gas engine saw.


1. WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Electric Chain Saw:-


One of the best light duty to medium duty home use best electric chainsaw is WORX WG303.1. The top of the line chainsaw among top 10 best electric chainsaws persist that claim of having unbeatable performance while in contact with the wide clumps. WORX WG303.1 is best electric chainsaw with super 3 HP power that not only prevents jam but also gives fine quality cutting. The soft material handle made with good rubber gives a stronger grip and add safety whole using this new best corded electric chainsaw.

This saw cuts similar to a gas-powered saw, so if you’re making the transition from gas to electric this won’t seem like a huge change.Generally, the 16 inch chainsaw is the recommended size for a good chainsaw such as WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw. It bears 11 pounds dry weight with a 16-inch long bar and chain for cutting logs. The automatic lubrication process is considered as the most desired features for this best in budget chainsaw. The lubrication indicator gives the warning when you are running low of oil level. It’s having auto-tensioning system that prevents extra tightening of a chain. This bestelectric chainsaw – WORX chainsaw is lighter weight but super in performance.

This is the best electric chainsaw in a reasonably cheap and manageable price. The same features and price you will not receive in any other equipment. The best wood cutting tool is equally beneficial for professionals and non-pro hands.


  • Built-in oil reservoir with oil level indicator allows automatic lubrication
  • 14.5 amp motor performs like a gas-powered saw
  • Lightweight design and comfortable grip
  • Most reliable best electric chainsaw
  • Patented auto-tension system that prevents over-tightening
  • The chain brake is an important safety feature in case of kickback
  • Full wrap front handle for added comfort while working


  • Does not come with a battery backup, unit must be plugged into function
  • Chain adjuster knob can come loose with use
  • Oil reservoir can leak if not removed after each use


2. Greenworks 20222 9 Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw:-

This best electric chainsaw form GreenWorks Tools is of 14-inch chain bar and 9 amp influential motor. The unit is best dominant chainsaw as compared to other top chainsaws in the market on the basis of their evaluation checked while performing heavy duty jobs. With the push of a button harness the power of most reliable 9 amp motor and begin cutting in seconds attaining accuracy.

The 14 inches bar and chain easily cuts through thick limbs and logs making clean-up jobs a breeze. Quickly adjust the chain tension without using any tools, with just a turn of the knob so you can immediately get back to the task in hand. The wraparound handle makes it comfortable and convenient to clean debris at difficult angles. The cord lock secures the power cord so it doesn’t disconnect the power during the operations. Easily keep an eye on the oil levels, thanks to the translucent oil tank. The Auto oiler in 14-inch chainsaw keeps the chain lubricated throughout the course of your cutting.


  • GreenWorks 20222 Design to maximize the performance
  • Tool-free chainsaw chain replacement
  • Chainsaws for sale with the best combination of cheap price and best quality


  • Need to lift the oil valve to check oil levels


3. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-InchElectric Chainsaw:-

Another great chainsaw product with manual oiling system is Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim. This best electric chainsaw also uses a cord to function, the cord up to 50 feet is sold separately. The powerful super performing motor is of 8 Amp which is incredible. Some people did not believe that how this small chainsaw can cut the larger logs. Its 14 Inch bar is equipped with sharp chainsaw blades and chains. This best chainsaw has a manual external push button to put the right amount of oil beside it also has external chainsaw tension adjuster.

The compact, best lightweight chainsaw design, and interactive construction give a stronger grip and solid hit while in contact with the wooden logs. This chainsaw machine is also considered as Maintenances free chainsaw. You just need to put small care for with the passage of time. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim eliminated the mixing of oil and gas by introducing the trigger function for adding convenient working. The arbor task and residential climbing are no more tough with this best value chainsaw. This 14” low kickback electric chainsaw is made durable and long lasting in hard condition.

The machine also comes with the 2 years of warranty for building strong customer relationships and to give the worth of its customers. According to a consumer report, all the users are fully satisfied with its performance.


  • Low kickback
  • Chainsaw chaps for adding more protection and to make it look professional
  • Cheapest chainsaw in the market
  • Best chainsaw for home use


  • Manual tension adjustment for this all around chainsaw machine


4. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Electric Chainsaw:-

The most ideal chainsaw for clearing storm damage or making firewood’s for your home. Yes, I am talking about BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp electric chainsaw which is considered as the best home use corded chainsaw in best price. This perfect 18 inch chainsaw is equipped with the low kickback bar and chain which is powered by 15 amperes powerful motor. The motor I supreme for cutting tree branches, logs and firewood are for you. As well as safety features are concerned, the BLACK & DECKER CS1518 electric chainsaw has reflexive chain brake system to suddenly stop the functioning of a saw. A power button along with the trigger needs to be press for starting the chainsaw. This also prevents the sudden lunch of wood cutting machines reduces chances of an accident.

The BLACK & DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw comes with the self-oiling features and tool free chain tensioning system, through this you cannot even easily tight the chain but can also change/replace when needed. The CS1518 is designed with special attention to the human’s hand that holding handle is perfectly shaped for easy lifting. The elegant look and attractive design are to secondary thing after its high performance.


  • Best chainsaw for cutting large branches and trimming trees
  • Best affordable chainsaws
  • Super chain brake to prevent accidental cutting
  • Best chainsaw for cutting firewood


  • Chains are common to lose for first-time use


5. Worx WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 Hp 15.0 Amps:-

If you’re looking for an electric chainsaw that delivers extreme power, the WORX WG304.1 could be the model you’ve been waiting for. Although it’s an electric chainsaw, it delivers four horsepower from its 15-amp motor.

For quick and easy tightening, it features a patented auto-tensioning chain tightening system. To prevent serious accidents, it has a built-in chain brake. It comes fully assembled, so you can start using it right out of the box. With a two-year warranty, you can trust that the parts used to make this chainsaw are high quality.

At a massive 18 inches, the chain is long enough to handle virtually any job that you can think of. Some might even say that this saw is a cut above the competition. The built-in tensioning system is meant to increase the lifespan of the chain. One of the best features that this model has to offer is an auto-lubrication system, which means it constantly lubricates the chain.


  • Most reliable best electric chainsaw
  • Low weight interactive design for DIY projects
  • It delivers four horsepower from its 15-amp motor
  • It features a patented auto-tensioning chain tightening system
  • It has an auto-lubrication system


  • Oil reservoir can leak if not removed after each use


Buyers Guide Questions

How do Electric Chainsaws Work?

Back in 1905, the first patented “endless chainsaw”, which was a saw that comprised a chain of links that ran in a guide frame, was granted to Samuel J. Bens with the intent to fell giant redwoods. In 1926, Andreas Stihl developed and patented the first electrical chainsaw, and then in 1929, developed and patented a gasoline-powered chainsaw and went on to found a company for mass production.

Since then, the electric chainsaw has gone through many updates and improvements in design and technology, from small electric chainsaws that are intended more for home and garden tasks, to the larger lumberjack-style chainsaws with longer bars and more durable structure for felling trees and cutting up hardwood timber. and also being more environmentally friendly than a gas chainsaw.

There are two parts to an electric chainsaw: A saw blade that is built into a chain that is wrapped around a long metal bar, and a small motor powered by electricity, either with a cord that plugs into an electrical outlet or as a battery. The bicycle-like chain fits around sprockets, which are gear wheels that are designed to turn a chain with sharp teeth made of steel that mounts around it intervals.

IJust like their gas-powered counterparts, electric chainsaws use cutting chains and therefore will need to be regularly sharpened to maintain optimum performance. In a few years’ time, the cutting chains will become dull and will need to be replaced.

Because a chainsaw is considered to be a potentially dangerous tool to use, there is chainsaw training that is designed to teach working knowledge and skills to safely operate this equipment and is highly suggested. You might be interested in investing in a pair of safe and useful chainsaw chaps.The chains of a chainsaw stretch when in use and will begin to loosen and sag on the saw’s guide bar. This will eventually make the chain slip off the bar during operation, causing a risky situation. Many electric chainsaws today include an automatic chain tensioning system, which is great for keeping the chain positioned tightly for each project’s needs.


Do Electric Chainsaws need Oil?

Unlike gas-powered, an electric chainsaw does not need oil to run. However, it still needs oil to keep the guide bar and the cutting chainsaw chain lubricated during cuts. Electric chainsaws use a bar and chain oil that is specifically designed for bar and chain lubrication. This oil is usually ecologically safe to use and doe does not harm the environment. You should not use other oils such as motor oil or vegetable oil on your chainsaw, as these could damage your saw’s oiling system.


How to Refill oil in your Electric Chainsaw:

  • Unplug your electric chain saw’s power cord from the extension cord. The chainsaw’s cord is short and made to plug into
  • Moving counter clockwise, turn the oil tank cap and remove it. Using a small funnel that has been placed in the oil tank, slowly pour the bar and chain oil into the funnel while keeping an eye on the level on the outside of the tank. When the level reaches the full point, just below the neck of the oil filler, stop adding oil.
  • A standard extension cord that is made for outdoor use. Place the saw on a flat surface like a workbench and allow ample time for the machine to cool down completely.
  • Clean out the oil filler cap on the top of the saw and wipe out the top cover thoroughly with a shop towel to remove any existing debris or sawdust. Anything such as wood dust or chips can fall into the oil reservoir and cause contamination and potentially damage the chainsaw’s automatic oiling function.
  • Remove the funnel, wiping up any oil spills with a shop towel. Replace the cap to the oil tank and screw back on tightly, moving clockwise.

Are Electric Chainsaws Safer?

There are many factors to consider when comparing the safety features of electric chainsaws to a gas powered units. One factor is handling: Electric chainsaws are generally much lighter than its gas-powered counterpart, making this unit much easier and less risky to carry and hold. Another consideration is with electric saws there is no messy mixing and application of toxic fuels needed to operate – just plug in and go.

And, because there is no fuel mixing, these saws do not emit pollutants in the air – making them a much safer option for the environment. In addition, the electric saw is a quieter model, which reduces the risk of hearing damage. All that said, the most obvious safety risk of electric chainsaws is in maneuvering the power cord, but there are cordless models that alleviate that problem as well. For best results, wearing proper headgear, eye gear, and clothing when operating a power saw will ensure a smoother, safer overall experience.

Things You Will Need

  • Shop towel
  • Small funnel
  • Bar and chain oil


  • Always use a funnel to add oil, this prevents heavy spills from happening.
  • Before each use of the electric chainsaw, be sure to refill the chain and bar oil. Keep a close eye on the oil level when using the chainsaw for a long period of time and refill the tank when the oil is at the minimum level.
  • It is suggested to use only high-quality chain and bar oil to prevent hard oil deposits that accumulate in the chain drive, clutch, and chain and also to prevent the oil pump from seizing.

When Operating An Electric Chainsaw, You Should Keep These Safety Tips In Mind:

  • Standard electric chainsaws are only for cutting wood.
  • Always wear snug-fitting, heavier duty clothing. This includes chainsaw chaps, protective gloves, hard boots, hearing protection, and safety glasses. If you are felling whole trees wear a hard hat.
  • Operate the chainsaw firmly with two hands – your left hand is in front with your thumb wrapped around the handle, arm straight, and elbow locked. Your right hand is on the rear handle and is slightly bent.
  • Stand in a stable, secure position with your feet apart.
  • Stand off to the left of your project in case of any kickback. Kickback happens when the chain’s rotating energy gets thrown back at you, resulting in loss of control over the saw. To avoid this, never touch the chainsaw’s upper tip to any object, and examine the object for any metal structures beforehand like a nail – if the blades encounter these hard objects, the chainsaw will react by yanking the saw forward.


All in all, there are many reputable, proven electric chainsaws to fit any need, any budget, and any level of experience, and with many advancements, the electric chainsaw continues to be a comparable contender to gas chainsaws in performance and durability, but will always all the ecological and economical advantages.

By choosing an electric chainsaw over its fellow gas-powered chainsaw, you’re ultimately saving yourself a lot of stress factors such as not polluting the air, no more machine start-up difficulties, and producing less noise. Being lighter in weight and size, electric chainsaws are also easier to handle, and don’t rely on internal combustion, therefore can run well at lower temperatures.

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