Make a mini metal drill press vice

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A drill press vice is a clamping device that is designed to be used in conjunction with a drill press. The vice is suited to being used with drill press due to its flat surface design. Drill press vice has a mounting holes which coincide with the mounting holes on the machine’s table. These holes allow bolts to be passed through in order to clamp the vice in place of table. The vice is mounted to the table of a drill press, and hold workpiece securely. It is used to clamp and position the workpiece during drilling operation.

This metal drill press vice is useful in wood working workshop and it is also useful in metal working workshop. This wooden vice is simple, easy and quick to make. Its capacity of about 4” and is used with drill press and also on work bench. It can be used to hold variety of materials, including metal, plastic and wood. It can also be used for industrial work, as well as by home hobbyists and craftsman.


  • Parts used with dimension :-
    • 12mm Bolt with 2 nuts ( 6’’ length )
    • 6mm Bolt threaded at the end (2.5” length )
    • 2 L-Section Jaws ( Fixed jaw and movable jaw )
    • 2 Metal Base plate (8mm thickness)
    • Sliding metal guide block
    • 6 Allenky bolts


  • How to make :-


  • Step 1 :- Cutting of parts

I have used 8mm metal plate in base plate so first of all cut the two metal plate of 6’’ length and two L-section channel of 3.5” length. One L-section channel is also cut of 2” length for moving a jaw by using of bolt.


  • Step 2 :- Assembly of cutting parts

The next step is assembly of cutting parts. One L-section channel of 6” length is attached on metal base plate by using of 4 allenky bolts. Another L-section of 2” length is attached at other end of metal base plate by using of 2 allenky bolts.


  • Step 3 :- Bolt and handle

Drill a hole on bolt and nut of head side and pass the 6 mm bolt of 2.5” length through the hole. After that, pass this 12mm bolt through the 2” L-section channel and attach with movable jaw by using of support block and screws.

Now, the drill vice is ready to use.


For better understanding, watch the video given below.


Comments (4)

Badrinath Nath,   Hyderabad

Excellent web site for hobbyist & DIYs, kindly publish parts required for all projects. Kudos to you sir!!

RePly  October 17, 2018
Hans Christianen,   Hoorn

Metal mini drill vise , Nice tool that you make.

RePly  August 27, 2018
jorge,   Ouro Branco MG

Valeu este videio foi muito legal vou fazer este suporte para eu trabalhar

RePly  August 21, 2018
brad hook,   WINNIPEG

Re: projects You area very talented young man,to create something out of nothing using basic tools,ifind your work very interesting.

RePly  July 7, 2018

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