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An angle grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding, cuttingand polishing. Angle grinders may be used for grinding and removing excess material from a workpiece. There are many different kinds of disc blades that are used for various materials of workpiece and tasks, such as cut-off discs, abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush and polishing pads.

When we are used angle grinder for grinding and removing material from workpiece and also for removing paints from the walls, it is remove access material from the workpiece and walls. So when angle grinder is not used properly then the result is pits on the walls and workpiece. I have make an angle grinder support for grinding and polishing purpose to prevent pits on the workpiece and walls. This angle grinder support is very useful tool for removing material from workpiece and paints from the walls. By use of the angle grinder support, it’s very easy to use angle grinder for grinding and polishing of workpiece.


Parts used :-

2 Pieces of metal stripe (6”*1”) 6mm thickness

2 Nos. 6mm studs threaded at the both ends (2.5” length)

6 Nos. 6mm nuts

2 Nos. allenky bolts 3/8” (1” length)

2 Nos. bearings (6200 - 2RS)


How to make :-

Step 1:- Cutting of the stripe

First step of making an angle grinder support is cutting of metal stripe. The metal stripe is of 1” width and 6mm thickness. So cut the 2 pieces of metal stripe of 6” length. After cutting the stripe, grind the edges of the stripe.

Step 2:- Make a slot in the both stripe

Second step is, make a slot in both stripe. First create holes on the stripe of 8mm, for easy of cutting of the stripe to make a slot. By use of the angle grinder, cut the edges of the holes. Then after, grinding and finishing the edges of the slot. Make sure that the 6mm stud is easily moved in the slot.

Step 3:- Attach bearings

Third step is, attach the bearings at the end of the both metal stripe. Two 3/8” allenky bolts are used to attach the bearings with the metal stripe. First of all create hole at the end of the both stripe. Then after, make a thread of allenky bolt’s size inside the hole and attach both the bearings by using allenky bolts.

Step 4:- Attach stud with metal stripe

Fourth step is attach the 3/8” stud with metal stripe in the slot of the stripe by using of nuts.  I have used 4 nuts to attach both studs with both metal stripe. Make sure that both studs are easily moved in the slot.

Step 5 :- Attach both part with angle grinder

This is the last step of making an angle grinder support. Both metal stripe parts are ready to attach with the angle grinder. As you know that, in angle grinder there is threaded holes are provided for handle on two side of the angle grinder. So this metal stripe parts are attached with the angle grinder in both threaded holes provided on the angle grinder by using of studs and nuts.

Now, adjust the height with the nut. You can adjust the height as per your requirements and it’s ready to use the angle grinder with angle grinder support.


For better understanding, watch the video given below.

Comments (3)

serdar kısacık,   Turkey Istanbul

What if you do that with 4 roller? two in back and two in front.. because if you move your hand up or down through degree is changing. just an idea . You have perfect jobs man!

RePly  December 20, 2019
Parag Deshpand,   Pune

Hi, I am interested in buying this tool. Please tell me the process. Regards, Parag

RePly  October 21, 2018
Steve,   Knoxville

Grinder hack) This has got to be the most complete senseless and idiotic thing I've ever seen

RePly  July 11, 2018

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