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A drill press stand for hand drill is useful when you have to carry out work with your power tool and it can help you do more and enhance the level of productivity. The hand drill machine is kept stable and secure and at a comfortable working height, and it help to focus on your task rather than holding the device in your hand all the time. It helps to carry out various tasks easily, such as angled or perpendicular drilling with your hand drill.

Drill press stand provides a firm and stable foundation for you to drilling operation more accurately by hand drill machine. There are many types of drill press stands available in the market but I decided to make for my own. I have used 18mm plywood sheet to make this stand and it’s very easy to make.

Material used :-

Plywood sheet - 18mm

Drawer slides (2pcs) (8” length)

Drill machine - 13mm

Spring / flexible rope

Clamps (2 pcs)


How to make :-

Step 1 :- cut the plywood sheet

This drill press stand is made from plywood sheet so making of this, the first step is cut the plywood sheet. Cut the plywood sheet to make a base and side wall of the stand. Make sure that the plywood sheet is cut off in proper dimension and without any kind of error.

Step 2 :- attachment of drawer slides and drill machine

For easy movement of drill machine, I have used drawer slides. It is provide a path for drill machine to it’s up and down movement. I have used 8” long drawer slides and it is attached by screw. Make sure that the drawer slides are attached in its proper position, it is completely vertical.


Next step is to attach the Drill machine with stand by clamp. Make sure that the drill machine is perfectly attached with stand, and also the drill bit is completely vertical to the base, so the drill press is working properly without any kind of error.

Step 3 :- Attach the cut off plywood sheet / make a stand

After cut off all plywood sheet parts, next step is to attach all this parts of plywood sheet by glue and screws. Tighten all the screws in the already drilled holes. Glue is also used with screw to reduce the vibration in the stand. After that, it will be looks like as in the image shown.



Step 4 :- spring / flexible rope

The last step is attachment of spring or flexible rope. Here I have used flexible rope instead of spring, but it’s your choice that what you want to use. As my opinion, spring is better than flexible rope. Now the drill press is ready to use.


Advantages :-

It is help to enhance the level of productivity.

Fast and accurate drilling operation.

It helps to focus on your task rather than holding the device in your hand all the time.

Design and construction is simple and easy to make.

Easy to use.

No complicated parts required.

For better to understand watch the video given below.

homemade drill press stand homemade project drill stand


  1. vijay,    [ palanpur ]
    November 2, 2017

    nice, i buid

  2. John,    [ Minot ]
    December 13, 2017

    Plans? Any chance you would have the plans? one I've to do this myself

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      June 21, 2019

  3. John,    [ Minot ]
    December 13, 2017

    Plans? Any chance you would have the plans? one I've to do this myself

  4. Fred,    [ READING ]
    April 7, 2018

    Where are the plans with the mergements

  5. Fred,    [ READING ]
    April 7, 2018

    I love it but no plans and I would like to make it

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    October 12, 2018

    Me gustaria adquirir una pieza igual a la que usted a hecho , fue la primera que vi y para mis necesidades se adapta y tal vez lo vende a un precio moderado ? Me ayudaria usted ? Sinceramente Natan

  10. Yuri,    [ Chicago ]
    October 15, 2018

    Thanks a lot for the video and instructions! Could you tell what is the thickness of L Channels?

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    Hemar drill machin ka stand ka vedio upload kro in wood

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