Make A Armature Bearing Puller || DIY Bearing Puller

 3618  Suthar Sandeep  January 28, 2019

Top 10 Best Plunge Routers in 2020

 150  Suthar Sandeep  January 23, 2020

Make A Metal Bender || Homemade Roller Bender

 40632  Suthar Sandeep  September 19, 2018

Top 10 Woodworking Tools

 4457  Suthar Sandeep  August 15, 2018


Garden Tools

Top 10 Best Electric Grass Trimmers in 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide || Top 10 Best Sting Trimmers

Keeping your lawn looking nice and neat isn’t easy. It takes quite a bit of work and a number of lawn care tools to ensure your lawn not only looks good but stays healthy. One of the most important tools you’ll ever need is a grass trimmer.

 Suthar Sandeep  56  February 6, 2020

Power Tools Review

Top 5 Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews and Buyer Guide 2020 || Best Electric Chainsaws

We can make some generalizations to help new users understand cordless/electric chainsaws and their gas-engine counterparts, and which is a better fit.

 Suthar Sandeep  55  February 3, 2020

Garden Tools

Best Garden Tools 2020 (Non-Powered) || Top Hand Tools For Garden 2020

Taking care of your beautiful garden can be such a difficult task, and it is something many people dread each year. When the winter has finally thawed away, your garden is desperate for some TLC, and that comes at a cost.

 Suthar Sandeep  123  January 30, 2020

Homemade Projects

How To Make Metal Bench Vise || Homemade Bench vise || Make A vise Without Welding

A vice has two parallel jaws which work together to firmly clamp an object and hold it in place. A threaded screw, which is connected to the jaws, runs through the body of the vice, and its movement is controlled by a handle, which is located on the outer end of a vice.

 Suthar Sandeep  3K  January 29, 2020

Power Tools Review

Top 5 Benchtop Drill Presses 2020 || Best Drill Presses 2020 Review And Buying Guide

A drill press is an upright fixed drill machine that can either stand on the shop floor or be mounted on a workbench. It’s a common machine shop tool that drills holes or makes cuts in a workpiece by means of a motor-driven, rotating cutting drill bit.

 Suthar Sandeep  165  January 28, 2020

Woodworking Tools

Top 10 Woodworking Power Tools You Must Have || 10 Basic Carpentry Power Tools

A good circular saw is one of the most versatile tools you can own. Most people consider the circular saw to be a carpentry tool but combined with proper clamping of your materials, they are just as accurate as any table saw.

 Suthar Sandeep  220  January 25, 2020

Woodworking Tools

Top 20 Basic Carpentry Tools || Woodworking Tools 2020 guide and tips

Before purchasing any product, one must be thorough with ones requirements. You must know what size of work piece you will be working upon and so buy the product as per your specifications such as blade size, workbench shape etc.

 Suthar Sandeep  158  January 24, 2020

Power Tools Review

Top 5 Best Electric Hand Planers 2020 – Reviews & Guide

This is quiet planer that shaves off wood like butter. It provides the benefit of a compact and lightweight design. In spite of its small size, it packs a powerful punch. It features a high-performance motor that generates a maximum cutting speed of 16,500 RPM.

 Suthar Sandeep  109  January 23, 2020

Power Tools Review

Top 10 Best Plunge Routers in 2020

Best Wood Routers Reviews And Buyers Guide 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews The units featured below have made their way onto our list based on their speed, affordability, power, transportability, and overall value offering.

 Suthar Sandeep  150  January 23, 2020

Power Tools Review

Top 5 Best Electric Leaf Blowers

This hitachi model leaf blowers are impressive machines. It’s loaded with excellent machinery and carefully crafted to create an impressive device that will put your leaf cleaning troubles aside and let you carry on with your day to day activities.

 Suthar Sandeep  97  January 20, 2020
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