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PowerTool Projects

DIY Projects that you can build using a power tools. Use this category to help you find out what to use for your next project and what to add to your toolkit.

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Homemade Projects

In this category you can learn about diy projects. Homemade projects for mechanical and electronics. we show you some creative DIY projects.

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Metal Projects

Metalworking is the process of working with metal to create structure. In this category we show you different types of metalworking projects.

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DIY Tools

Do it yourself tools, in this category you can learn about different types of small tools related projects. This diy tools are used to make other projects.

Vice Projects

Vise Projects

Vice is a is a mechanical apparatus used to secure an object. In this category you can learn about metalworking and woodworking vice and vice related projects.

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Woodworking Ideas

Woodworking is the activity or skill of making items from wood. In this section you can learn about woodworking tools related projects.


Furniture Projects

Furniture is the word that means all the things like chairs, tables and cupboards. In this category we show you some easy furniture ideas and wooden projects.


Tips And Tricks

In modern woodworking and metalworking, tips and tricks are very useful for easy and great build.In this category learn about tips and tricks.


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Sandip Suthar


My name is sandip suthar the co-founder of Mistry MakeTool. My goal is to provide a community of interested people and allow them to learn techniques and ideas of working with power tools and hand tools that will help them in their endeavors.

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Vijay Suthar


I am vijay suthar co-founder of Mistry MakeTool. I am mechanical engineer and also a DIYer, a woodworker, a metalworker. I like to make projects and i feel very happy when i build something. I try to help the peoples to make their tool-related projects.