Sheet metal bender tool


Bending of sheet metal can be tricky, but with the right tool it’s very easy. For those who work with it regularly are likely to have a sheet metal bending brake in their workshop, but this tool can be a expensive for the hobbyist.

Another method of sheet bending is using the edge of your workbench, a length of wood, two clamps, and a mallet, you can fashion a rudimentary bending brake. First mark a bend line and place the sheet metal on the edge of your workbench. Next step is place the wood parallel and slightly behind the bending line. Clamp the wood on the top of the metal to the workbench. And finally, bend the sheet up by hand to the angle desired. If you want a sharp 90° bend, tap along the crease with a mallet.

I decide to make a sheet metal bending tool for my own use. It is very easy to make. This sheet metal bending tool is made without any kind of welding works.

Parts Used :

  • L – section channel
  • hinges
  • Squere section channel
  • Flat section channel
  • Allenky bolts

How to make :

Step 1 :- Cut The L- section channel

sheet metal bender

First step of making a sheet metal bending tool is cut the two L- section channel of correct size.

Step 2 :- Attach hinges


After cutting of L – section channel next step is attach this two channel by hinges as shown in the image. first create holes for screws to atach the hinges. Here four hinges used in this tool. two hinges on the first L- section channel and other two for second one. see the image for better understand.

Step 3 :- Attach handle

Two squre section channels are used for make a handle for this tool. This two channels are attached on L- section channel by using of allenky bolts as shown in the image.

Step 4 :- Attach Flat channel

33 1

It is the last step of making of sheet metal bending tool. Atttach the flat channel of correct size on the L- section channel using of allenky bolts. The gap between the two channel is adjusted by this two allenky bolts so diiferent thickness size of sheet can be bend by this tool.

sheet metal bender make

Now the sheet metal bending tool is ready to use.

For better understanding, watch the video given below.

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  1. T Raishad

    You say you have used 4 hinges( in your step 2} ,but I can see only 2. please explain.

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