I really gravitate towards the practical DIY and home decor projects such as desk watch or clock, and after shopping for month for a new desk watch for our office, I decided that I would try and make one for my office. This desk watch is very easy to make. It is made from wood. There are different types of desk watch available in the market, but I need as per my requirement so I decided to make for my own. I have used my old desk watch to make it.

Material used :

  • Wooden block (20mm thickness)(4” * 2-1/2”)
  • Wooden strip
  • Nails
  • Old desk watch
  • Glue
  • Ball pens

How to make :

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I have used 20mm thickness wooden block and dimension is 4” * 2-1/2”. First step is cut the wooden block using table saw machine. Also cut the wooden strips as shown in the image.


Drilling a hole of 35mm diameter on the block for putting the old watch in this hole. Make two holes on the upper side of wooden block for ball pens, so the ball pens can be put in it.


The wooden strips are attached with wooden block using glue or nail. Images shows you that how to attach this strips with block. Also attach the other strips on the block as shown in the image. These strips are actually used for support the desk watch on the desk. It can be rotate at some angle about its axis of rotation. This upper part of strips is attached with block using nails. So it can be rotate at some angle.


Grinding and finishing the extra part of strip using sander machine. Now the desk watch is ready but for better look, polish the whole desk watch using wudfin wood polish (yellow).


Now the watch is ready to put on the desk of the office.

for more information, watch the video given below.

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