Bearing Tool


A bearing puller or bearing removal tool is a tool used to remove bearing from a rotating machine shaft or from a blind bearing hole. The most common use is removing a caged set of ball or bearings from a rotating machine shaft. These bearing removal tools are made of tool grade steel, so bearing removal tools are harder than the parts they are used on. Bearing removal tools are usually hand-powered with a handle provided on the turn screw. Some of the bearing pullers are hydraulically powered, using a hydraulically powered piston to press against the end of the machine shaft the bearing is out.

There are also small-sized versions of bearing pullers or bearing removal tools are available to remove small millimetre bearings in small fractional horsepower motors and fishing reels and other small machine components. There are two or three arms with extensions that allow the user to pull in the inner race as well. It is preferable to drive from the inner race since it is firmly set on the shaft of bearing to be pulled, while the outer race is not very well secured to the rest of the bearing parts assembly.

Here I make a bearing removal tool that is used to remove bearing from the shaft with the use of hammer. Put the shaft with the bearing in the slot of the bearing removal tool and hammered on the shaft with the rod, so the bearing is pull out from the shaft.

Parts Used :

  • 2 Nos. metal plates (5.5”*4”) 6mm thickness
  • 4 Nos. 3/8” bolts (8” length)
  • 12 Nos. nuts

How to make :

Step 1 :- Cutting of metal plate

I have used 6mm thickness metal plates to make a bearing removal tool for my own use. First of all, cut the two metal plates of 5.5”*4” size. After the cutting of right size of metal plates, next step is make a slot on both the metal plates to put the bearing with shaft on it whose bearing is to be removed. To make a slot first of all create a 10mm hole on the plate. Then after, cut the metal plate and make a slot on it by using of angle grinder. Grinding the edges of the slot and make it little bit thin. The thickness of a slot of the one metal plate is little bit thick then another one.

Step 2 :- Drilling holes on metal plates

Second step is drilling holes on metal plates. Drilling four holes on four corners of metal plate and also same on second metal plates. I have used 3/8” bolts of 8 inch length, so the holes are of correct size so the movements of bolts is free in these holes. I have used stand drill to make fast and accurate size of holes on the metal plates.

Step 3 :- Assembly of metal plates and bolts

The third and last step is assembly of metal plates and bolts. Attach all bolts and metal plates with the use of nuts. I have used total 12 nuts to assemble the bolts and metal plates to make a bearing removal tool.

Now the bearing removal tool is ready to use.Put the shaft with the bearing in the slot of the bearing removal tool and hammered on the shaft with the rod, so the bearing is pulled out from the shaft.

For better understanding, watch the video given below.

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