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Angle grinders are standard equipment in metal workshop and on construction sites. Angle grinder stand is easy to make and very useful, made of metal, can still use it as a portable in seconds. I make a sliding angle grinder stand for my own use. Many people hold the Angle grinder on a Workshop Vice, and several times I have seen how they had to buy a new one, you can get to force the rotor or the brushes, disabling the tool, this sliding angle grinder stand will avoid that problem. In the market there are many types of accessories available for Angle grinder and they are useful for many jobs, this stand is fulfil all the purpose. Angle Grinder are dangerous tools, in this way you get more control is stand over them, but still, using all necessary protection such as goggles and gloves.

This angle grinder sliding cutting jig provide good accuracy for cutting metal parts, I knew doing it by hacksaw or even manually with the angle grinder would not yield the results I needed. A metal chop saw would have been perfect, but for long work piece cutting this was out of the question. So I considered a sliding stand for my angle grinder. I could have bought an off-the-shelf angle grinder stand, but I’ve had poor experiences of them in the past. This stand is something simple and easy to build and also provide accurate cuts. Also material that I have used to make this stand is also easily available. This sliding stand is for a small 4” angle grinder though you could apply this design to a larger grinder too.

I have used 16mm linear shafts and 16mm linear bearings to make the sliding mechanism for this sliding angle grinder stand.

Parts Used :

Plywood parts

Plywood for base 24inch*14inch (19mm thickness)

Plywood for base 24inch*14inch (12mm thickness)

MDF sheet for base 24inch*14inch (6mm thickness)

5 Nos. Plywood 8.5inch*5inch to make column (19mm thickness)

Plywood for base at end 6inch*14inch (19mm thickness)

2 Nos. 19mm plywood 5.5inch*2inch for linear shaft end support

2 Nos. 12mm plywood 4.5inch *6inch for linear bearing support

Plywood 8.5inch*6.5inch for angle grinder support (19mm thickness)

Other parts

2 Nos. 16mm linear shafts 24inch length

4 Nos. 16mm linear bearings

6 nos. 16mm shaft supports

Toggle clamp

Metal piece 1inch*6inch for angle grinder support (6mm thickness)

Metal piece 1inch*5inch used to clamp work piece (6mm thickness)

10mm bolt 2.5inch length with lock nut and washers

Wooden knob with 6mm nut

2 Nos. 8mm bolts for angle grinder adjustment

4 Nos. 6mm allenky bolts 2.5inch length

8 Nos. 5mm counter sunk allenky bolts 1.5inch length

4 Nos. 6mm D nuts

4inch angle grinder

Laminate sheet

How to make :

First step is to cut all the plywood parts as per the dimensions shown in the “parts used” section.

Second step is to make a base for this stand. To make a base I have used three different plywood sheets.


Lower plywood sheet for base has 24inch*14inch (19mm thickness), middle is MDF sheet and has 6mm thickness and upper plywood sheet has 12mm thickness.


In middle and upper sheet I make a slot to move and guide the work piece holder metal plate, as shown in the image.


Third step is to make a column for this stand. I have used 5 Nos. 19mm Plywood pieces of 8.5inch*5inch dimensions to make this column.


Attach all these plywood pieces by using glue and screws. After that, drill two 16mm holes on it for 16mm linear shafts.


Attach this column on the base using glue and screws, as shown in the image.


Attach both 16mm linear shafts in both these holes and fix the position by using shaft supports.


Attach linear bearings on the linear shafts.


Attach 4.5inch*6inch plywood pieces with the linear bearings to support and guide the linear bearings movement by using 8 Nos. 5mm counter sunk allenky bolts, as shown in the image.


Next step is to make angle grinder support part. I have used 19mm plywood of 8.5inch*6.5inch dimensions to make angle grinder support part.

For easy movement and better look, I have cut the plywood in the design, as shown in the image.


Next step is to fix the angle grinder on this plywood support part. To fix the position of the angle grinder, I have used metal piece of 1inch*6inch (6mm thickness).

First of all, Bend the metal piece, drill holes on both sides, and attach it with the angle grinder support plywood.


Attach this whole angle grinder support part with the linear bearing support plywood by using 10mm bolt, lock nut and washers, as shown in the image.


Attach angle grinder on it. Also attach 2 Nos. 8mm bolts with 8mm D nuts on two sides of angle grinder support plywood part, for adjustment of angle grinder position.


Cover all the plywood parts with the laminate sheet.


Attach plywood 6inch*14inch and toggle clamp at the end of the base with the allenky bolts.


Next step is to attach linear shaft end support part. I have used 2 Nos. 19mm plywood 5.5inch*2inch and shaft supports to make this part.


And at the last, make a work piece holder. I have used 6mm metal piece of 1inch*5inch, wooden knob with 6mm nut and bolt, as shown in the image.


Now the sliding angle grinder stand is ready for use. It works great. Thanks for your interest in this post. I hope this information is helping you to build great.


For better understanding, Watch the video given below.

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