Make A Router Attachment With Drill Machine


Router drill attachments are very handy. Consider bringing them along every time you need to use drilling machines. Don’t forget to finetune a workpiece’s height. Use a pencil as a marker and line it up. This way, you’ll know your starting point.

A drill plunge router attachment transforms your rotary tool into an effective router for small scale jobs such as forming decorative edges, cutting straight slots and routing freehand. This specialty attachment is great for DIYers who will use it often.

In this post I show you how to make a simple router attachment for your drill or dremel using plywood and bolts. This drill router attachment is quick and easy to make.

Parts Used :

  • Plywood 6”*5” 19mm thickness (2 pieces)
  • 2 Nos. 10mm Bolts with nuts and washer (6” length)
  • 2 Nos. springs (2.5” length)
  • 2 pieces of 12mm steel pipe (19mm length)
  • 5/16 bolt with flynut and washer (2.5” length)
  • 2 Nos. 3/16 screws with nuts (5” length)
  • Round plywood pieces 1.5” diameter (2 pieces)
  • Sunmica laminate
  • 10mm electric drill machine

How to make :

First of all I cut 2 pieces of 19mm plywood of the 6”*5” dimension. For smooth finish and better look, I also used sunmica laminate on it.

d r 1

Drill a 1.5” hole on both plywood pieces by using of hole saw cutter and make a slot on one plywood piece for drill holder.

d r 2

Sanding the corner of the plywood pieces and cut the one piece of plywood in the shape as shown in the image.

d r 5
d r 8

Drill 10mm hole on two side of the base plywood and pass 10mm bolts through this holes and fix them in these holes by using of glue. Make sure that both these bolts are perfectly perpendicular to the plywood base.


d r 10

And on another plywood piece, drill 12 mm holes on two sides and fix 12mm steel pipe (19mm length) on both these holes by using of glue. Make sure that base plywood’s bolts are easily pass through these steel pipe and no gap between them.


d r 11

Put two springs (2.5” length) on the base plywood, pass from the bolts, as shown in the image.

d r 12

Attach 10mm nuts on two round (1.5” diameter) plywood, as shown in the image. This is used for up and down movement of the drill.

Attach two 3/16 screws (5” length) on the drill holder plywood piece with nuts, as shown in the image, used to fix the position of the drill machine.

d r 13

Attach 10mm drill machine on the stand through the 1.5” hole and fix it with bolt and flynut. Now, this drill router attachment is ready to use.

d r 14

For better understanding, watch the video given below.


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