How To Make Kant Twist Clamp


A clamp is a fastening device used to hold and secure the objects tightly together to prevent any movement through the application of inward pressure. There are many types of clamps available in the market for many different purposes. Some are temporary, as used to position components while fixing them together, others are intended to be permanent.

Kant twist clamp floating jaws stay flat on the component surfaces even if they are not parallel. The cantilever design eliminates the twisting of standard C-clamps and the built-in V-block holds round stock securely. Get the best features of both ordinary C-clamps and parallel clamps in one metalworking clamp. Kant twist clamps are ideal for welding and fabrication.

Kant twist clamps provide best clamping power and deep reach without walking. The elegant design eliminates the two most frustrating aspects of the C-clamp: jaw twist and country of origin. Kant twist clamp have long been a favourite of welders because they won’t pivot and walk as they are tightened.

These types of clamps are easier to use, and carry.

Parts Used :

  • Metal plate 6mm thickness
  • 3/8” bolt (5” length) with nut
  • 3 Nos. ¼” allenky bolts (2” length) and 8 Nos. nuts
  • ¼” allenky bolt (1.5” length)
  • 2 Nos. ¼” allenky bolts (1/2” length)
  • 2 Nos. ¼” allenky bolts (3/4” length)
  • 22mm diameter round metal piece (20mm length)
  • 22mm diameter round metal piece (32mm length)
  • M5 allenky bolt threaded at the end with nut (3”length)
  • Wooden pieces

How to make :

First of all, I draw the design of the jaws on metal plate. After drawing, confirm the drawing is correct by measuring between the points shown above. Some variation is perfectly acceptable.

IMG 20180927 114915 1920x1080 1

Next, I cut out all of the parts from the metal piece as per drawing by using of angle grinder.

PicsArt 09 30

After cutting of all parts (jaws) next step is drill holes on these jaws for proper assembly of all cutting jaws.

1 1

2 Nos. 22mm diameter round metal piece is cut of in the size of 20mm length and 32mm length. Drill holes on both round metal piece of 5.15mm size and make a thread inside this hole by using of ¼” tape set.

3 2

Also drill a 8mm hole on round face wall of both round metal pieces, and make a thread in this hole by using of 3/8” tape set.

Now, the next step is assembly of all parts as shown in the image. I also attach wooden rotating clamp pads between both long and short jaws. I painted these wooden rotating clamp pads in black colour.

2 2

Next step is, make the handle of this clamp. This is the last step of making of kant twist clamp. For handle I have used M5 allenky bolt threaded at the end with nut (3”length). I attach this allenky bolt at the end of 3/8” bolt (5” length) as shown in the image.

4 2
5 2

Now, the kant twist clamp is ready to use. This clamp is used in both metal working and wood working.

6 2

Advantages :

  • Very durable
  • Makes repetitive use much easier
  • Apply maximum pressure with less effort
  • Comfortable grip for ease of use

For better understanding, watch the video given below.

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