Homemade Tools Ideas:-


This chain spanner is very useful in our daily life. It is very easy to build this spanner. Simple design and quick to make is the best advantage of this homemade chain spanner. This spanner is used for nut-bolt, round and square pipe, and also for water cock.

Parts Used :


  • Square pipe 15mm ( 10” length )
  • Chain ( 22” Length )
  • Screw with nut

How to make :


This chain spanner is very easy and quick to make. To make this chain spanner main 3 parts are required, square pipe, chain, and screw.

So first of all drill a hole at the end of the square pipe for the screw and attach the chain with a pipe by screw and nut. Be careful that the chain is properly clamped with a screw. Now the spanner is ready to use. We can also use a round pipe instead of a square pipe.


Advantages and disadvantages :

The most of the advantages of this spanner is a simple design, easy to make, and very less cost. Another advantage is the multi-use of this spanner. The main disadvantage of this spanner is that it is not used for a small size of nut and bolt.



This is my homemade tape handle. Only 2 bolts and one long nut are required to make this tape handle. It’s very easy to make and has a very little cost. I have used two bolts of 12mm (2.5” length) and one nut as you can see in the picture. We can use different sizes of bolts and nuts for different sizes of tape as per our requirement.


So, first of all, drill a hole on the nut of tape size. Then, the tape is hold in this hole of the nut, and two bolts are tightened at both sides of the nut to support the tape and fix the position of the tape, as shown in the image. Now the tape handle is ready to use. you can make different sizes of tape handles as per your requirement.

Advantages :

  • Simple to make.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very less cost.
  • Quality of this tape handle is also very high and effective use.


Untitled12 1

Allenky bolt keychain is simple to make and it is very useful in our daily life. The head of allenky bolt is used as a spanner. We can use different size of allenky bolts for different nut – bolt size as per our requirement. Cost of the allenky bolt is very less and making of keychain is much easier. This is the image of allenky bolt keychain.


So after seeing this image you have come an idea about that how to make this keychain. First of all drilling a small hole at the end of the bolt and from this hole the key is attach with the bolt.



Now the allenky bolt keychain is ready to use. The main advantage of the allenky bolt keychain is very less cost of allenky bolt and wide range of use.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to make.
  • Very Less cost.

For better understand watch the video given below.

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