A clamp is a fastening device used to hold the objects tightly together to prevent any movement through the application of inward pressure on the objects. There are many types of clamps available in the market for many different purposes. Some of this is temporary, as used to position objects while fixing them together, and others are intended to be permanent. These clamps are used to position or fixing the components for various different tasks in workshop. Clamps are versatile part of any tool kit in workshop, and they can be used to secure or position a workpiece component to a work surface.

There are many types of clamp available in the market for different purpose such as G-clamp, hand screw clamp, sash clamp, pipe clamp, web clamp, bench clamp, power clamp, quick action clamp etc. But I decided to make for my own from wood. This wooden clamp is operated by screw and spring. The design of this clamp is simple and it is easy to make also easy to operate. It is used for many applications including wood working, carpentry, furniture making, construction, welding and metal working. These clamps are used on the edge of the table to hold the workpiece firmly down to its surface; two or more of them are always employed. The main advantage of these types of wooden clamps is that they are clamped the component without any damage of work component.

Material used :

  • 2 Wooden pieces ( jaws )(7” length) :-
  • These wooden pieces of 1” width and 7” length, used to make a jaws for clamp.
  • 5/16” threaded Bolt ( 3-1/2” length) :-
  • I have used 5/16” threaded and 3-1/2” long bolt to make this wooden clamp. Two jaws are fixed the workpiece position by this bolt and fly nut.
  • Fly nut ( wing nut) :-
  • Fly nut is a piece of metal that has a hole and two projecting parts and that you can screw onto a bolt by using your fingers. Wings are provide a grip for thumb and finger so it will be easily tighten on the bolt by hand.
  • Coil spring small (2” length) :-
  • A coil spring is a spiral or helix of metal wire that is made up of steel material. Spring is mechanical device that accept a weight and force from one object to absorb the energy and to prevent the surface from being damaged.
  • It is also called compression spring, torsion spring or helical spring. It works in storing energy so to release it to absorb any shock or maintain a force between two contacting surfaces.
  • Hinge (door bracket) (1” width) :-
  • A hinge is a mechanical device that connects two solid objects, and allowing only a limited angle of rotation between them. Two objects connected by an ideal hinge and they rotate relative to each other about a fixed axis of rotation, all other translations and rotations being prevented, and thus a hinge has only one degree of freedom. Hinges may be made of flexible material and of moving components. I have used small 1” width hinge to make wooden screw clamp.

How to make :


You can get some good decent clamps at a good price from market – and great if you are buying one or two clamps. But unfortunately, even reasonably priced clamps can have still be a hefty financial burden, if you need a large number of clamps. So, I decided to make some of my own use. First step of making a wooden screw clamp is, make a jaws for it. So first of all cut the wooden pieces of 1” width and 7” length.


Next step is drilling a hole on the both wooden jaws.


Then after, door bracket is attached at the end of both wooden jaws. The door bracket is of 1” width. 


Pass the bolt through the holes of two jaws, and spring would be also attached with this bolt, and after that fly nut is fitted on the bolt. Now the wooden screw clamps are ready to use.


The next step is to attach the small wooden blocks at the end of both jaws, so the clamp is provide good grip to the component without any damage of component. Now the wooden clamp is ready to use.

Advantages :

  • The main advantage of these types of wooden clamps is that they are clamped the component without any damage of work component.
  • Provide better grip to the component.
  • Complicated parts not required to make this wooden clamp.
  • Easy to make.
  • Simple to use.
  • Less cost.

For better to understand watch the video given below.

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