DIY Wooden Clamp

Clamp is a mechanical device with movable jaws or one fix and one movable jaw with which an object can be secured (clamped) to a bench or with which two objects may be secured together. It is a fastening device used to hold the objects tightly together to prevent any movement through the application of inward pressure. There are different types of clamps are available in the market for different purpose such as G-clamp, hand screw clamp, sash clamp, web clamp, bench clamp, pipe clamp, power clamp, quick action clamp etc. But I decided to make for my own use from wood.

The design of this clamp is simple and it is easy to make also easy to use and no any kind of costly material required to make it. It is used for many applications including wood working, carpentry, furniture making, welding and metal working, construction etc. These clamps are used on the edge of the table or bench to hold the component securely down to its surface; two or more of them are always employed. The main advantage of these types of wooden clamps is that they are clamped the workpiece without any damage.

Some of the clamp available in the market is temporary, as used to position the objects while fixing them together, and others are intended to be permanent. Clamps are versatile part of any tool kit in workshop, and they can be used to holding or position a workpiece component to a work surface.


Parts Used :

  • Wooden block (30mm thickness)
  • Threaded bolt
  • Washer
  • Fly nut (wing nut)

How to make :


First step is cutting of wooden blocks of 2.5” * 2.5” (30mm thickness) size of two pieces by using of table saw machine.

Then after grinding and finishing the cutting edges of the wooden blocks by using of sander machine.



Drill a hole on both wooden blocks of bolt diameter size.


Pass the bolt through these holes of wooden blocks. One block is fixed with bolt by glue and other is free to move.

Put the washer on the bolt and tighten the fly nut. Result is here and the clamp is ready to use.


Advantages :

  • Easy to make.
  • Simple to use.
  • Less cost.
  • The main advantage of these types of wooden clamps is that they are clamped the component without any damage.
  •  Provide better grip to the work component.
  • No complicated parts required to make this wooden clamp.

For more information, watch the video given below.


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