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dc air cooler


Air conditioners are pretty expensive themselves and adding to them their power consumption bills make it out of reach for most common people. So opting for a water air cooler is probably one solution that not only is cheaper as an appliance but also uses lower power consumption than conventional air conditioners.

In this article, I show you how you can personally make a dc air cooler at home. The process may need a few building and electrical skills, but the best part is that they can be built according to the size you require and from parts easily available in the market or even your own home.

An air cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from other air conditioning systems, which use vapor compression refrigeration cycles. Evaporative cooling uses the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat from the air to evaporate. The temperature of the air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of water to water vapor. This can cool air using much less energy than a refrigeration system. In an extremely dry atmosphere, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants.

Air cooler has required water as the basic coolant, the video below shows you how you can make air cooler and needs coolant such as water. This cooler is only good enough for very small or tiny spaces as the electricity consumption is not as efficient as practical air conditioners, but good enough for places where air conditioners cannot be installed or available for such small rooms.

Parts Used :

The metal sheet 26” * 26” (Base part) 24 gauge

The metal sheet 15” * 61” (Middle part) 24 gauge

Metal sheet 17.5” * 17.5” (Upper part) 24 gauge

4 pieces metal sheet (14.5” * 2.5”) 20 gauge

3 Nos. Aluminum grill 14”*14”

3 Nos. Honey pad 12”*12”

4 Nos. Metal pieces (9” length*0.75” width*3mm thickness) for motor support

12v DC motor BUY LINK :

12v DC pump BUY LINK :

11-inch fan

13 Inch fan safety grill

PVC pipes and bends

2 Nos. ON-OFF switch

DC speed regulator BUY LINK :

Power connector

12v Battery



Pop rivets

Zip tie

How to make :

The first step is to make a cooler body. I have used sheet metal to make its body. To make the body I have used 3 pieces of sheet metal, the bottom part, middle part, and upper part.

dc 1

The dimension of sheet metal for the bottom part is 26 inches *26 inches. Now, bend this sheet metal part as shown in the image and joint all its four sides by using pop rivets.

dc 2

The dimension of sheet metal for the middle part is 15 inches * 61 inches. Now, bend this sheet metal as shown in the image and joint it by using pop rivets.

dc 3
dc 4

Joint the bottom part and middle part using pop rivets.

dc 5

Make square cuts on three sides of the middle part and a round cut on another fourth side, as shown in the image.

dc 6

To cutting the square cuts, I have used an angle grinder and to cut the round cut I have used a sheet metal cutter.

dc 7

Attach 4 pieces of metal sheet ((14.5” * 2.5”) 20 gauge on four sides of the middle part as shown in the image, to increase the strength of the body. These 4 pieces are attached to the upper side of the body, by using pop rivets.

dc 8
dc 9

Bend the 4 Nos. metal pieces (9” length*0.75” width*3mm thickness) to make the motor support.

Attach the 12v dc motor with 4 Nos. metal pieces (9” length*0.75” width*3mm thickness) by using screws.

dc 10

Attach 13-inch PVC fan with a motor.

Next, attach this motor assembly with the cooler body by using screws and locknuts.

dc 11

The next step is to attach the honey pad and aluminum grill by using a zip tie, as shown in the image.

dc 12

Now, three sets of these honey pads with aluminum grill are attached with three sides of sheet metal body by using screws, where the square cuts are made.

dc 13

Attach switches and a speed regulator.

dc 14

Attach power connector.

dc 20

The next step is to make a water circulation system to cool the air. To make the water circulation system I have used PVC pipes, bends, a water pump, etc.

dc 15

Drill holes on PVC pipes.

dc 16

Attach all PVC pipes, bends, and water a pump, as shown in the image.

dc 17

Attach this water circulation system inside the cooler body by using a zip tie.

dc 18

Use silicon inside the bottom part, where the water can be stored, to prevent water leakage.

dc 19

Do all necessary wiring. The image shows a circuit diagram of the wiring.

dc 21
dc 22

The next step is to make the cover of the cooler. To make the cover (upper part) I have used a metal sheet of 17.5 inches* 17.5 inches dimension.

dc 23

Attach handles on two sides.

dc 24

And at the last attach the fan safety grill by using the zip tie.

dc 25

Now, the cooler is ready to use. The airflow of this cooler is high and very child.

dc 26

For better understanding, Watch the video given below.

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