Workshop idea


1. Magnetic Broom

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Magnetic broom is used to pick up the nails and screws and other metal parts from the dusty shop floor. Magnetic broom is picked them up in seconds without any kind of dust. The magnet of 3” diameter is attached with the wooden handle by using of screw, so pick up the screws and nails easily.


To use this tool, place an inside-out sandwich bag over the magnet and start sweeping the area. The screws, nails and other metal and hardware parts will leap up to the powerful magnet as you sweep the floor. To unload and bag the metal pieces in quick step, just pull the bag off the magnet.


2. Bench vice with G-clamp


When the bench vice is not fixed on workbench then the use of the G-clamps with bench vice is useful in workshop. You can clamp the bench vice by using of G-clamps on its fixed position. After the use of workbench you can easily remove it from the workbench. Soft jaws are great addition to any bench vice, and especially if you are like me and work mostly with soft material like wood.


I have used 2 pieces of thin plywood between the 2 jaws for properly work on soft material without any kind of damage on it.

3. Vacuum cleaner with bag


I have used polythene bag with the vacuum cleaner for easy removal of dust from the vacuum cleaner. First of all, create a hole of 3-4” diameter on the polythene bag and put it in the vacuum cleaner container.


The vacuum cleaner is collect, all the dust from this hole in the polythene bag. After use, you can easily remove the bag and also the dust can exclude from the bag.


4. Use of rubber band


I have used the rubber bands for joint the wooden pieces and also to make a drum sander. To accurately attach the sanding paper on the drum, I have used rubber bands.

5. ABRO masking tape and glue


In the workshop different types of glues are used. For strong joints I am using araldite or some special type of glue. So using of this glue I will require scrap wood to mixing the glue paste and every time I require scrap wood or other waste material. Masking tape is the best solution for this. Image shows the use of the masking tape. Here, extract the glue on the masking tape and after use the masking tape is removed.

watch the video given below.

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