Homemade Swarf Collecting Magnet

The magnetic swarf collectors or pickup tools are ideal products for the workshop of metal working. They attract metal swarf, metal screws, metal bolts and metal tools and ensure that the metal swarfs do not enter vital machine parts. The magnetic pickup tools or swarf collecting magnet with slim handle easily retrieves disappearing metal parts or metal swarf.

The magnetic swarf collectors or pickup tools are remove the problems instead of just blowing them away thus creating a safe environment and better work place for the workers. By the magnetic effect of the swarf collecter, the swarf collectors separates the ferrous and non-ferrous materials and also the swarfs are easily transported to the nearest waste container in the workshop.

Swarf collecting magnet is especially useful for removing swarf from around drill tables and saws and other metal working tools. In the market different sizes and shaped swarf collecting magnets are available. The different shape of the swarf collecting magnet allows for easy pickup from near walls and corners, and so many other hard to reach places in the workshop. Once metal swarfs is collected, a handle is pulled and releases the smallest shavings into a waste container. Here I make a own swarf collecting magnet for my own use. It is very easy to make and has simple design. It is very useful tool in the metal workshop.

Parts Used :

  • Round magnet
  • Small wooden strips
  • Handle
  • Small piece of sunmica and plywood
  • Nails

How to make :

Step 1 :- Attach magnet

I have used one round shaped small magnet to make swarf collecting magnet. This Round shaped magnet is attached on the plywood piece by using of glue. Then after, samall wooden strips are attached on four side of plywood piece around the magnet by using of nails.

Step 2 :- Sunmica

I have used sunmica instead of thin metal plate. Attach the small wooden strips on two side of the sunmica by using of glue. After that, the sunmica part is attached with the plywood part by using of nail and it is worked as a hinges. So the movement of lower part (sunmica part) is moved in rotating direction.

Step 3 :- Attach Handle

This is the last step to make a swarf collecting magnet. Attach the handle on the plywood part. Handle is attached on plywood part (upper part) by using of screws. Handle is used to hold the swarf collecting magnet accurately.

Now the swarf collecting magnet is ready to use. It collect all the metal swarf, small metal screws and other small metal parts accurately.

For better to understand, watch the video given below.

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